Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Club Feature: The Cheese Club
‘’Its Goooood To Be Chheeessyy’’

Sponsor: Mr. Evans

President: Olivia Pierce

Important Dates:   Meeting 9/30/2015
                               Cheesy Conference 10/2/2015

Who can join? Any HHS students

What is it About? Cheese of course!

Where? Rm 211

BOOK REVIEW with Ellis

The Picture Of Dorian Grey
Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde is talented like no other Victorian writer, unlike the cumbersome prose of Dickens and Thomas Hardy, Wilde spins words into fantastic shapes that illuminate his singular novel in silver and sunlight, then turn shadowy and corrupt as Dorian Grey does.
Dorian, a young English aristocrat of exceptional beauty, as well as miraculous virtue, is introduced to Lord Henry by the painter Basil, for whom Dorian had been posing as a painting model. Henry immediately assured Dorian that all his morality was inhibiting him from truly living his life, and in a fit of passion, Dorian accidentally sells his soul for eternal youth and beauty, and for the rather gorgeous painting done by Basil to age for him. As the story progresses, Dorian grows more and more hedonistic and villainous, all the while his painting grows more and more hideous. By the end of the novel you will be demanding Dorian’s punishment, and believe me when I say that his end is a fitting one.
For those worried that the language will be too difficult, it is an easier read than you would assume. It will engross you in ways that the best psychological thrillers will. You will begin to hate Dorian, but you never really lose sight of the innocent young boy from the beginning. Not until the very final pages does Dorian lose his humanity entirely. An excellent read, however, not for those easily bothered by morally compromised heroes. I would recommend it to any fan of classic literature, and even if that is not your thing, give it a shot. I promise it is worth your time.

2015 Homecoming Week   

The gym decorated for the pep rally.
    Last week, Homewood High School had a very successful Homecoming Week. On Monday, everybody showed their American spirit and dressed up for patriotic day. On Tuesday, everybody suited up for work as career day. There were many students in scrubs and professionally dressed. Wednesday, the capes were flying everywhere when people came to school dressed up as their favorite superheros. There were also a few villains scattered throughout the school. Thursday, the students dressed according to their class themes. For Freshmen, it  was classy day and everybody was looking nice in their tuxedos and dresses. Juniors chose a 70’s theme, Sophomores chose a jungle theme, and the Seniors went for a “Jingle John Carroll” theme to win pod decorations. It was Christmas in September in the English Pod. For the last day of Homecoming, people came to school in overalls to continue the tradition of “Overall Victory.” This was a huge hit. On Friday, we ended the day with a pep rally. As the band played and the senior moms danced, everybody had a great time. That night, the football squad had a victory over John Carroll in a blowout game. Finally, the homecoming dance finished off Saturday night. Everybody had a great time with Coach Sills as the DJ. In the end, Homecoming Week was very successful. Go Patriots!

Story Contributed by: E. Schablow, H. Wales, G. Holmes, P. Jackins
Senior Pod
The Seniors took first place for pod decorations.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Lady Patriots Repeat as State Champions;
Boys Take Second

Story Courtesy of Homewoodathletics.com

Homewood’s girls track and field team won the 6A AHSAA State Championship in Gulf Shores, and it is the second outdoor championship in a row for the girls. That is the 7th state championship for the track and field program and the 10th for the T&F/Cross Country program. Kiara Williams, an Alabama signee, led the team by winning all four of her events (triple jump, long jump, 100m hurdles, and 300m hurdles). Kiara broke the state record in long jump by jumping 20 ft. 5 in., and she is currently ranked #2 in the U.S.

Sarah Blake, a Kentucky signee, won the javelin and was only four feet away from breaking the state record. The girls 4x400m relay team of Elysa Griffin, Ann Mosely Whitsett, Joy Korley, and Hunter Midgett got a win to close out the meet. Ann Mosely Whitsett had great performances by placing 2nd in the 800m and 3rd in the 400m. Elysa Griffin placed 3rd in the 200m and ran an outstanding time against excellent competition, and she placed in both the long jump and the 100m. Caroline Lawrence had her best meet of the year and earned All-State honors by clearing 5-2 and placing 3rd in high jump. Many athletes contributed to the win by placing in the top 8 and scoring valuable points. Those who placed are listed below.

The boys team lost to an excellent and well-rounded Opelika team. Alazae Hester-Taylor led Homewood by winning the 300m hurdles and placing 3rd in both the triple jump and 110m Hurdles. Andy Smith won a tremendous 1600m and ran a 4:17. Andy also placed 3rd in the 3200m and 4th in the 800m. The boys 4x800m relay team of Logan Sadler, Sean Conboy, Pierce Jackson, and Hunter Poole won with an impressive performance. Logan Sadler earned All-State honors in both the 800m and 1600m by placing in the top three. Dominique Linson got 2nd in the high jump by clearing 6 ft. 4 in. The boys 4x100m of Tommy Donaldson, Lawton Dorough, Dominque Linson, and Teverius Lindsey earned All-State honors by placing 2nd.

Homewood is coached by Tom Esslinger, Lars Porter, Josh Donaldson, Deanna Swope, Brittany Steele, Thomas Fowlkes, and Kenneth Hollis.

Individual State Champions
Sarah Blake – Javelin
Alazae Hester-Taylor – 300m Hurdles
Andy Smith – 1600m
Kiara Williams – Long Jump, Triple Jump, 100m Hurdles, 300m Hurdles

State Champion Relay Teams
Boys 4x800m – Logan Sadler, Sean Conboy, Pierce Jackson, and Hunter Poole
Girls 4x400m – Elysa Griffin, Ann Mosely Whitsett, Joy Korley, and Hunter Midgett

All-State (Top 3)
Elysa Griffin – 200m
Ann Mosely Whitsett – 400m, 800m
Caroline Lawrence – High Jump
Logan Sadler – 800m, 1600m
Andy Smith – 3200m
Alazae Hester-Taylor – 110m Hurdles, Triple Jump
Dominique Linson – High Jump
4x100m – Tommy Donaldson, Lawton Dorough, Dominique Linson, & Teverius Lindsey

Athletes who scored points (Top 8):
Elysa Griffin – 6th 100m, 6th in Long Jump
Hunter Midgett – 4th 400m
Lainey Phelps – 5th 3200m, 5th Pole Vault, 6th 1600m
Madison Kirkwood – 8th 100m Hurdles
Christian Hill – 7th in Triple Jump, 8th in High Jump
Sarah Blake – 7th in Discus
Sarah Crocker – 5th in Javelin
4x800m 5th – Edie Smith, Ann Mosely Whitsett, Virginia Givhan, Mary V. Spencer
Andy Smith – 4th 800m
Hunter Poole – 6th 1600m
Alex Ngei – 6th 3200m
Alazae Hester-Taylor – 7th High Jump
Jackson White – 5th Pole Vault
Jake Vella – 6th Pole Vault
Lawton Dorough – 8th Long Jump
Patrick Domingo – 6th Javelin

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Author to Speak at HHS

Author of Hyde, Daniel Levine, will visit

Homewood High School on Wednesday,
April 15, 2015.
Meet him in the Writing Center
5th period during B/D/E.
Purchase his book at Little Professor and
have him sign it while you chat.

DANIEL LEVINE studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Brown
University and received his MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of
Florida. He has taught composition and creative writing at high schools and
universities, including the University of Florida, Montclair State University,
and Metropolitan State College of Denver. Originally from New Jersey,
he now lives in Colorado.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Club Corner...
K-Pop! Club (Korean Pop)

This week, we are taking a look at one of the newer clubs at HHS. Join the K-Pop Club at their next meeting on Tuesday, February 10th, in Ms. Kreider’s room (rm. 241) right after school! The K-Pop Club will be getting together to listen to and talk about some of the clubs favorite k-pop bands and the latest k-pop news. We will be listening to bands such as Exo, Big Bang, Shinee, Girls Generation, and much more! There will also be yummy Korean snacks, so stop by and spend some time with your friends with the K-Pop Club!

Submitted by Jorge Aguilar
Anthony and Rachel Waller Featured in Potential Magazine

This month, Homewood High School Seniors Rachel Waller and her brother Anthony Waller were featured in the 2015 January edition of  Potential (Parenting Teens to Achieve) Magazine. They were both featured in  the magazine for their unique leadership abilities and caring qualities. The article also expresses the goals and plans both Anthony and Rachel have after they finish their last year of high school. Anthony states that he wants to own and operate his own restaurant with his sister and mom. Rachel has an interest in using her art skills and becoming an architect. Both Rachel and Anthony seem to challenge themselves with different tasks and show a lot of determination in the things they set their minds to both in school and outside of school.Their mother, Regina Waller, saw the importance to “ work to nurture their talents and make sure they know how important and valued they are.” Mrs.Waller worked hard to help both Anthony and Rachel to develop their own individual identity, and we can see how much  they took that to heart by their actions. 
Way to go, Rachel and Anthony!

Submitted by Nathaniel White
In Our Opinion...
In our opinion is a space for students to give their take on life, school, and the world around them. 

In our opinion, being a Senior is so much better than being a Freshman, or any other underclassman. You have more freedoms, and you are not on the Freshman hall anymore. You can use the excuse, “ Bro, I’m a Senior.”

So what are some things we hear Seniors say?
1. Go home Freshmen.
2. When’s Graduation?
3. Are the answers on Schoology?
4. Bow Down
5. Chillllll…
6. You wish you were a Senior
7. I’ll get it done before its due!
8. What are you doing next year?
9. Is it crispito day yet?
10. 2015!!!!!
11. I’m just trying to graduate…

So Seniors... only 68 school days until graduation! Finish strong! Leave a legacy you can be proud of!

Submitted by: Maggie Tapscott, Alex Ngei, & Russell Brasseale

Monday, January 26, 2015

Week at a Glance... 1/26/2015- 1/30/2015

Monday 26th:
-HHS Golf boys first day of practice
-HHS Star Tutoring parent meeting @ room 130
-HHS Network Rehearsal @ Auditorium

Tuesday 27th:
-HHS Wrestling @ Minor Tri Match  
-HHS Basketball boys @ Leeds
-HHS Drama production @ Bailey Theatre

Wednesday 28th:
-HHS Drama production @ Bailey Theatre

Thursday 29th: -HHS Basketball boys/girls @ Ramsay
-HHS Legacy/Associate rehearsal @ Auditorium  
-HHS Drama production @ Bailey Theatre

Friday 30th:
-HHS Indoor Track Last Chance Invitational @ Crossplex  
-HHS Field Trip-Ap Physics @ University of Alabama  
-HHS Basketball Senior Night boys/girls vs Vestavia

Saturday 31st:
-HHS Show Choir @ Montgomery Performing Arts Center
-HHS Math team @ Briarwood Math Tournament @ Briarwood High School

Week at a Glance Submitted by Sydney Scott

Teacher Spotlight with Jami Wilson
Q:What was your journey to Homewood High School?

A: I grew up just outside Jasper, AL, in a small community called Lupton. I graduated from Walker High School and went to the University of North Alabama in Florence to get my undergraduate degree. I then moved to Marrietta, GA, and taught at Lassiter High School for two years. I came to Homewood the fall of 2002 and have been here ever since!

Q: Whom do you look up to?

A: My mom. She’s such a strong woman of God. She’s truly the rock of our family and is ALWAYS there for me when I need her. (And, yes, you still need your mommy sometimes at 38.)

Q: If you could teach anything at Homewood, what would it be?

a:”That’s easy…. Creative writing. Actually, I’d love to create a super nerdy/geeky class like “The Science of Science Fiction”. Yeah. That's good.”

Q: What did you do before becoming a teacher?

A: I spent 3 years, during my senior year in high school and then in college, working in a bank. I started out as a bank teller and then began working in collections department. I had the privilege of telling people to grab their kids and dogs because we were coming to repossess their trailer. I actually had one person threaten my life when I called to remind him that his loan payment was past due. It really was NOT a job that I enjoyed.

Q: What is something that most people don’t know about you?

A:”I guess I can spill the beans here. Between the ages of 13 and 15, I was a clogger. Big hair, big skirts, and big kicks. It was fun.”   

Teacher Spotlight Submitted by Lester Hood, Mason McDonald, & David Luker

This Month In History

This month in history, we celebrate Martin Luther King Day to honor Dr. King’s contributions towards racial equality. Dr. King is most well known for his “I Have a Dream” speech, which caught the nation's attention with his powerful words about the nonviolence opportunity to create racial equality. Dr. King handled all of the obstacles in the fight for racial equality with nonviolent marches and gatherings as a strong leader. We remember Dr. king for having such bravery to speak out about all races uniting to be one. Dr. King’s dream was for his children to grow up in a world where people judged each other by their character rather than their skin color. America has come so far since the 1960’s, and we continue to fight the some of the same battles today. As we take a look back into history this month, try to remember Dr. King and what he did for everyone in our great Country.

Submitted by: Maggie Tapscott, Alex Ngei, Russell Brasseal