Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Club Corner...
K-Pop! Club (Korean Pop)

This week, we are taking a look at one of the newer clubs at HHS. Join the K-Pop Club at their next meeting on Tuesday, February 10th, in Ms. Kreider’s room (rm. 241) right after school! The K-Pop Club will be getting together to listen to and talk about some of the clubs favorite k-pop bands and the latest k-pop news. We will be listening to bands such as Exo, Big Bang, Shinee, Girls Generation, and much more! There will also be yummy Korean snacks, so stop by and spend some time with your friends with the K-Pop Club!

Submitted by Jorge Aguilar
Anthony and Rachel Waller Featured in Potential Magazine

This month, Homewood High School Seniors Rachel Waller and her brother Anthony Waller were featured in the 2015 January edition of  Potential (Parenting Teens to Achieve) Magazine. They were both featured in  the magazine for their unique leadership abilities and caring qualities. The article also expresses the goals and plans both Anthony and Rachel have after they finish their last year of high school. Anthony states that he wants to own and operate his own restaurant with his sister and mom. Rachel has an interest in using her art skills and becoming an architect. Both Rachel and Anthony seem to challenge themselves with different tasks and show a lot of determination in the things they set their minds to both in school and outside of school.Their mother, Regina Waller, saw the importance to “ work to nurture their talents and make sure they know how important and valued they are.” Mrs.Waller worked hard to help both Anthony and Rachel to develop their own individual identity, and we can see how much  they took that to heart by their actions. 
Way to go, Rachel and Anthony!

Submitted by Nathaniel White
In Our Opinion...
In our opinion is a space for students to give their take on life, school, and the world around them. 

In our opinion, being a Senior is so much better than being a Freshman, or any other underclassman. You have more freedoms, and you are not on the Freshman hall anymore. You can use the excuse, “ Bro, I’m a Senior.”

So what are some things we hear Seniors say?
1. Go home Freshmen.
2. When’s Graduation?
3. Are the answers on Schoology?
4. Bow Down
5. Chillllll…
6. You wish you were a Senior
7. I’ll get it done before its due!
8. What are you doing next year?
9. Is it crispito day yet?
10. 2015!!!!!
11. I’m just trying to graduate…

So Seniors... only 68 school days until graduation! Finish strong! Leave a legacy you can be proud of!

Submitted by: Maggie Tapscott, Alex Ngei, & Russell Brasseale