Aveda Institute at HHS

Aveda Institutes South works with Homewood High School students and has them share their skills with the faculty, staff and students at HHS. In addition to hand messages, the students also gave facials during the day in the HHS cafeteria/lunchroom.

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In February of 2012 the Homewood High School Scholars’ Bowl team qualified to attend the National History Bowl and Bee held in Washington DC in April of that year. The National History Bowl strives to promote history education throughout the United States, and around the world. By fostering an interest in history among students, The National History Bowl gives present-day students an appreciation for the past that will serve them and their country and world well in the future.The Homewood High School team qualified for nationals by finishing in the top 25% of teams participating in the area regional tournament held at Arab High School. Team members Jonathan Brown, Eden Harris, Aaron Ragsdale and Sammy Jane-Akson qualified as a team for the national history tournament, and  Aaron and Sammy both qualified for individual competition. This was the first time that Homewood students had qualified to compete at the national tournament

Unfortunately, the Scholars’ Bowl team had no funds to send the group to Washington DC to compete, but Sammy Jane-Akson was able to attend and take part in the tournament through the patience and generosity of his family. During the year, Sammy had served as captain of the school’s Scholars’ Bowl team and was eager to attend the history tournament. Sammy attended the national contest as a team of one. While at the tournament, Sammy won over 50% of his matches and was able to meet other bright and enthusiastic students of history from all over the country.

This year the team will once again participate in the regional History Bowl and Bee tournament. The team’s goal is for everyone who qualifies for the national tournament to attend.

Sammy Jane-Akson

Scholar Bowl Team

HHS Library to Use Nooks

Homewood City Schools are bringing E-readers and E-books to their students.  HCS libraries are piloting a program this fall to use Barnes and Noble Nooks for classroom instruction as well as for students to check out.  At the high school, students can check out one of eight Nooks preloaded with about ten popular titles.  The library plans to add more titles and E-readers in the coming months.  They are also now offering Overdrive, an online service that will deliver E-books to students' personal devices.  Annalisa Keuler spoke to Lynn McGuffey's English classes about Overdrive and assisted students in downloading E-books to their devices.