Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 Homecoming Week   

The gym decorated for the pep rally.
    Last week, Homewood High School had a very successful Homecoming Week. On Monday, everybody showed their American spirit and dressed up for patriotic day. On Tuesday, everybody suited up for work as career day. There were many students in scrubs and professionally dressed. Wednesday, the capes were flying everywhere when people came to school dressed up as their favorite superheros. There were also a few villains scattered throughout the school. Thursday, the students dressed according to their class themes. For Freshmen, it  was classy day and everybody was looking nice in their tuxedos and dresses. Juniors chose a 70’s theme, Sophomores chose a jungle theme, and the Seniors went for a “Jingle John Carroll” theme to win pod decorations. It was Christmas in September in the English Pod. For the last day of Homecoming, people came to school in overalls to continue the tradition of “Overall Victory.” This was a huge hit. On Friday, we ended the day with a pep rally. As the band played and the senior moms danced, everybody had a great time. That night, the football squad had a victory over John Carroll in a blowout game. Finally, the homecoming dance finished off Saturday night. Everybody had a great time with Coach Sills as the DJ. In the end, Homecoming Week was very successful. Go Patriots!

Story Contributed by: E. Schablow, H. Wales, G. Holmes, P. Jackins
Senior Pod
The Seniors took first place for pod decorations.