Monday, January 26, 2015

Week at a Glance... 1/26/2015- 1/30/2015

Monday 26th:
-HHS Golf boys first day of practice
-HHS Star Tutoring parent meeting @ room 130
-HHS Network Rehearsal @ Auditorium

Tuesday 27th:
-HHS Wrestling @ Minor Tri Match  
-HHS Basketball boys @ Leeds
-HHS Drama production @ Bailey Theatre

Wednesday 28th:
-HHS Drama production @ Bailey Theatre

Thursday 29th: -HHS Basketball boys/girls @ Ramsay
-HHS Legacy/Associate rehearsal @ Auditorium  
-HHS Drama production @ Bailey Theatre

Friday 30th:
-HHS Indoor Track Last Chance Invitational @ Crossplex  
-HHS Field Trip-Ap Physics @ University of Alabama  
-HHS Basketball Senior Night boys/girls vs Vestavia

Saturday 31st:
-HHS Show Choir @ Montgomery Performing Arts Center
-HHS Math team @ Briarwood Math Tournament @ Briarwood High School

Week at a Glance Submitted by Sydney Scott

Teacher Spotlight with Jami Wilson
Q:What was your journey to Homewood High School?

A: I grew up just outside Jasper, AL, in a small community called Lupton. I graduated from Walker High School and went to the University of North Alabama in Florence to get my undergraduate degree. I then moved to Marrietta, GA, and taught at Lassiter High School for two years. I came to Homewood the fall of 2002 and have been here ever since!

Q: Whom do you look up to?

A: My mom. She’s such a strong woman of God. She’s truly the rock of our family and is ALWAYS there for me when I need her. (And, yes, you still need your mommy sometimes at 38.)

Q: If you could teach anything at Homewood, what would it be?

a:”That’s easy…. Creative writing. Actually, I’d love to create a super nerdy/geeky class like “The Science of Science Fiction”. Yeah. That's good.”

Q: What did you do before becoming a teacher?

A: I spent 3 years, during my senior year in high school and then in college, working in a bank. I started out as a bank teller and then began working in collections department. I had the privilege of telling people to grab their kids and dogs because we were coming to repossess their trailer. I actually had one person threaten my life when I called to remind him that his loan payment was past due. It really was NOT a job that I enjoyed.

Q: What is something that most people don’t know about you?

A:”I guess I can spill the beans here. Between the ages of 13 and 15, I was a clogger. Big hair, big skirts, and big kicks. It was fun.”   

Teacher Spotlight Submitted by Lester Hood, Mason McDonald, & David Luker

This Month In History

This month in history, we celebrate Martin Luther King Day to honor Dr. King’s contributions towards racial equality. Dr. King is most well known for his “I Have a Dream” speech, which caught the nation's attention with his powerful words about the nonviolence opportunity to create racial equality. Dr. King handled all of the obstacles in the fight for racial equality with nonviolent marches and gatherings as a strong leader. We remember Dr. king for having such bravery to speak out about all races uniting to be one. Dr. King’s dream was for his children to grow up in a world where people judged each other by their character rather than their skin color. America has come so far since the 1960’s, and we continue to fight the some of the same battles today. As we take a look back into history this month, try to remember Dr. King and what he did for everyone in our great Country.

Submitted by: Maggie Tapscott, Alex Ngei, Russell Brasseal